La Nùoro di Salvatore Satta, tutta da ascoltare, dove, come e quando vuoi..

Quanti conoscono o hanno letto "Il Giorno del Giudizio" di Salvatore Satta?

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MAN Museum // Guido Guidi IN SARDEGNA: 1974, 2011 curated by Irina Zucca Alessandrelli

Man Museum // Via Sebastiano Satta,27


Nùoro is a small town, it has around 37.000 inhabitants. Nùoro is a small town, it has around 37.000 inhabitants. It is located in the center of Sardinia, and is the capital of the province with the same name. It is part of the sub-region known as “Barbagia” which includes other villages around. The other three sub-regions of the province of Nùoro are: the “Baronie” of Siniscola and Orosei, the “Barbagie” of Ollolai and Belvì, and the “Marghine”. Nùoro, crudle of the ancient and genuine tradition of the Sardinia, and is considered the cultural capital of the island and often called as “the Sardinian Athens”. The town is surrounded by a territory of savage beautiness, that goes from the slope of Mount Ortobene to the great granitic mass of the Supramonte. Most part of the municipal ground is used for farming, the other part is used as forest of holm-oak and cork-oak, or used for agriculture. Nùoro has a mediterrean climate, where the summers are not too much…

Maria Giacobbe (1928)

Apprecieted and prolific writer. Her firt novel is «Diary of a teacher». Nowadays she live in Denmark and she is still writing inspired by her unforgotten native land.

Giovanni Ciusa Romagna (1907-1958)

Nephew of the sculptor Francesco Ciusa, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, where he got noticed for his talent as a drawer and painter. He was always inspired by the rural atmosphere of Sardinia, he became a major artist and apprecieted in all the Nation, he won a lot of prices and some of his works were exposed in pubblic areas. Some of his masterpieces are still exposed at the musuem MAN of Nùoro.

Salvatore Satta (1902-1975)

One of the most famous lawyer and university teacher in Italy. His major law essays are still object of study. Salvatore Satta is known especially for his novel, pubblished posthumous by his family, that is still a masterpiece of the italian litterature of the XX century: «The Doom Day», where the writer analize sarcastically the sins of the people of Nùoro of his time.

Romano Ruiu (1935-1974)

Political and social activist, was apprecieted as poet, and for his novels and theatrical pieces; he worked with some journals and other periodicals. His best novel is "Jump in the ditch"; "That day at Bugerru" and "Su Connottu" for the theater and the collection of poems "The dance of the Argia"

Attilio Deffenu (1890-1918)

Leading intellectual of revolutionary syndicalism, he founded the magazine "Sardegna" in 1914, where he spread his theory about the island indipendence. He was the lawyer at the Union Syndicate in Milan, enlisted during the first word war and became commander of infantry of "Brigata Sassari". He died during the war.