Broad bean and lard (“Fava e lardu”)
This dish is based on dry broad beans, pork meat, bacon, sausage and vegetables as: carrots, onions and garlic. All the ingredients are cooked in a pot and served on carasau bread.

Vegetables in pot: eggplants, zucchini, carrots, tomatos, fresh string beans, and added a sauce of onion, garlic and basil.

“Frattau” bread
Carasau bread boiled in hot water (or soup) with red tomato sauce and pecorino cheese, with a poached egg on it.

Ancient cornmeal mush
Cornmeal mush cooked with bacon, fresh sausage and added at the end fresh cheese. Can be eaten hot or cold, can be even sliced and grilled.

Sheep in pot (“Berbeche in cappotto”)
Very tasty dish of bucolic tradition, is considered an only course because it is hard to digest, but is important to try once in a lifetime. The meat is boiled with potatos, onions, tomatos and other vegetables, served on carasau bread (boiled too). Cannonau wine is the best match.