Second Courses

“Sa coratella”
Second course based on intestines, liver, heart and lungs cooked in a pot with seasons (onions, and often artichoke).

Blood of pork (“Sambeneddu de porcu”)
Intestines of pig with blood, heart, lungs, spleen, tongue, lard and seasons. It is cooked inside the intestines.

Rope (“cordedda”)
Intestines of lamb or goat in pot with garlic, oil and lard.

Choped meat with seasons.

“Su zurrette”
Dish very easy made of blood of lamb with mint, thyme, cheese and carasau bread cooked insede of the stomach of the animal.

Roasted pig (“Porcheddu arrostu”)
For sure the most famous Sardinian dish, known for its taste and easy preparation. In ancient times it was cooked inside a dig covered of branches and leaves of plants like myrtle, and covered with embers.