Sardinian Etnographic Museum

Sardinian Etnographic Museum // Via Antonio Mereu, 56

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This museum is the biggest of its kind in Sardinia and the only one built directly by the region, the collection of documents and research is not focused only on Nuoro but on the whole island.
The building was built between the 50's and the 60's by the architect Antonio Simon Mossa on the Saint Onofrio hill.
The museum had recently a renovation that had the purpose to enlarge it. There is a room for temporary exhibitions and an auditorium. Even if the name suggest the present of any kind of aspect of the daily life in Sardinia the reality is that nowadays is still a museum of costume.
The task of the new museum is to be a place for the representation of the traditional life of the island, and is part of a net of local museums specialized for topic and location. Now there are 3 areas: one that has the majority of the collection; a little room for the instruments, and one area for the barbarian carnival (located in 3 rooms).
The collections have around the 8 thousand evidences, the majority are dresses, jewels, handcrafting, weapons, masks, breads, instruments and utensils.